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Why don't you take a look to see what we have recently added to Galleries One & Two.

20" Sequoia Bowl

Full size Hat in Oak

Pierced Sycamore Hollowform with Rosewood finial and base

Ash Hollowform with a textured and coloured band

Coloured Ash Hollowform using Chestnut colours to enhance the grain

                been coloured with a dark oak stain and finished with an oil.

A shot of a finished cot complete with base and finished with a safe oil.

Hollowform in coloured Ash

Coloured hollowform vessel in sycamore with
pierced work and Blackwood finial

Oak Table made up of laminates. This was produced on a days demonstration for Coombe Abbey Woodturners ( to be donated back to the club at the end of the Year )

.... plus a closer up view

Oak hollowform with pierced top, approx 15" x 10"

Coloured hollowform, textured with a red and black colouring

Small Sycamore hollowform, ebonised and carved

Burr Elm bowl

First stages of a Tall Hollowform in Sycamore, with a dark heartwood

First stages of a Yew Hollowform

Hollowform in Sycamore, textured and then applied with a verdigri paste

Small Hollowform, ebonised black then applied a gold gilt cream

Open form pot in Ash, with a fluted base and indexed with black pellets

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updated 25/8/2012